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    Heres a solution to the ubiquitous 360/ps3 capturing questions: 8)

    Playing in High Definition:

    The native game resolution for most 360/PS3 games is 1280*720 - 720p (i.e. Motorstorm, Gears of War etc.) Some games can be 1080p i.e. virtua tennis, vf5. If you want to play games at 1280*720p component input and also record the footage at the same time, this product will allow you to play in High Definition 720p on your hdtv and record in Standard Definition (MPEG2) at the same time:


    (note - you will not be able to deinterlace the footage captured with the above to 60fps - you will have to buy a "real" downconverter to still view in HD, record in SD and be able to deinterlace the recorded footage to 60fps - cheapest one i've seen is around $300+)

    Playing in Standard Definition:

    If you don't mind playing your games in Standard Definition you can record much cheaply with s-video cables (do not composite cables):

    1 Buy an xbox 360 s-video cable
    Non-official ($8 on ebay), official ($29.99)

    Splitting Video:

    1 Take the s-video from the xbox 360 cable (above) and stick it into this s-video splitter (also see ebay)
    $8 (with postage)

    2 Buy 2 s-video cables on ebay (as long as you require)
    cheap ones suffice for short distances.

    3 Buy this capture card:
    $29.99, it's one of the ones I have once used, it does the job and ignores macrovision.

    Splitting Audio:

    Cheapest way to split the audio (if it's stupid but works then it's not stupid):

    1 Take the audio from the xbox 360 cable (above) and stick it into this:
    - Phono to 3.5mm Jack,
    stick that into this:
    - 3.5mm splitter (Female to 2 males)
    stick these on the ends (one goes to the PC line-in and the other to the TV audio-in:
    - 3.5mm female to male cable (headphone extension cable)
    - 3.5mm Female to 2 RCA


    Heres a sample recording (deinterlaced to 60 frames per second) from a game recorded with the free program virtualdub 1.7.2. Basically the equipment above (total around $50-$60) will give you the same results as in the clip above. For games running in 30fps (i.e. Gears of War, Resistance), deinterlacing won't have any benefits. Deinterlacing is described here and here. Deinterlacing is not necessary if you're gonna put your vids on youtube or onto a dvd - the Capture card mentioned above will give you adequate results with it's mpeg2 capture software.


    Mobile solution:

    Don't have a PC nearby but still want to capture footage? If you have a Mini DV camcorder with s-video input simply use the cables above (minus the capture card) and attach to camcorder's s-video input. Nearly all current mini dv camcorders have removed AV-in option (don't know why). Mini dv camcorders from a few years back have this feature. Some confirmed cameras are:

    Sony Handycam DCR-PC55
    Canon Optura 40, Canon Optura 30, 20, 10
    JVC GR-D93, JVC GR-D73

    You will also have to buy a macrovision remover from my experience with the camera I used although this might not be the case with other cameras. Be sure you have the appropriate minidv format for your console system (PAL/NTSC). P.s. I am not liable if you spend cash and this camera method doesn't work
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    i live in the uk.. any chance you could find me a link to the cheapest card.. im having big problems trying to find that card on uk websites... anything below 20 is great.
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    Strange , seems to be what Ive been saying all along about how to capture from console devices , which I have been doing for years .

    Your still only going to be recording in standard dvd resolutions , not in sd or hd ... so for the moment , its rather pointless , and only gimicky ... but it will surfice till better equipement comes along at a more affordable pricings .

    I'll give you kudos points for writing it .


    chocolate_brownie , I have one of those cards , and its brother , the avertv usb2 unit (far better quality capture) .

    For you , its

    And there contact details here :


    Install the software package first .
    Shut pc down , remove power cord .
    Install card .

    Do not install it in pci1 (below agp slot where available) .
    If no agp slot , and using onbiard video , still , do not use pci1

    They share resources .

    Next two are pci2 / pci3

    Only one may have a device installed (shared resources)

    Next 2 are pic4 / pci5 (full length motherboards)

    Only one may have a device installed (shared resources) .

    Restart pc once you have that figured out .
    Os picks up device ... may reask for driver package .
    Reboot once more , and your device is set to go .

    Connect console to vcr is prefered , then connect vcr outputs to pc .
    You need a conversion cable to get the audio to connect to the pcs linein .

    Do not connect audio to capture devices , it degrades picture quality .

    Card works in many capture programs except virtualdub , and its likings .

    Nero express , ulead video studio , sony vegas all work well , but nero express causes less system drag .

    Its a far better card than most .
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    you got any idea on how i can use my card?

    PCTV Rave..

    you got any instant messenges bjs?
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    The Blackmagic Intensity card has HDMI inputs and the Pro has component input. If your pc can handle the recording write speed, that card has the highest quality capture possible.
    Visit for 720p and 480p Game Videos from the Xbox 360 and Wii
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    is this cable any useful??

    I bought it ages ago but never used it?
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