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    I'm trying to view a .avi file in Quicktime which I would like to evetually convert to an .mp4 file. I am only able to view part of the file, the first 4 min or so. I view the entire video with VLC but it doesn't convert the file well. I've tried to convert it using MPEG Streamclip, but the file won't fully load as well, it stops at the same point. I believe the file is encoded in H.264 with DivX. I have an avc1Decoder and the DivX decoder. Also, when I open the file I get weird ascii characters followed by the file name in parenthesis. Thank you for your help.
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    Try installing Perian, and see if Quicktime Pro will then
    allow you to properly transcode the file. I've had recently
    much better luck using Perian than DIVX to decode and
    transcode files out of Quicktime Pro.
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