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    I can't seem to download mpeg2enc intel.

    Whenever I download it, it is in txt format and I can't convert a .mov to a .3gp.
    Please help me...

    Oh and could you send me the mpeg2enc intel please?
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    Please search the friendly forum for 'download mpeg2enc'. It has been covered numerous times. There's a convenient search box on top of every page.

    Converting .mov to .3gp wouldn't use the mpeg2enc binary. If this conversion fails for some reason, it is NOT because of mpeg2enc. Conversions to all non-MPEG formats work fine without the mpeg2enc binary.

    When a conversions fails and you don't know why, it is helpful to also post the process information ("log"), accessable via the blue "i" button in the ffmpegX Progress window. That log will tell what the program is trying and may contain error messages on why something failed. Based on that, someone might suggest how to overcome the encountered problem and make it convert as wanted.
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