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    Each time I compress a half hour project in compressor (the version included in FCS 1) it says it will take an hour, but it actually takes 3 or sometimes 4 hours. I have a dual G5 with 2gigs ram, blah blah blah. Anyone know why it takes longer than it says?
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    Do you add filters to the process? Anytime you do more than a basic conversion the time really adds up.

    Also ;are you doing any other labor intensive tasks while its running? See if it still takes that long if you simply close all other applications and leave just the video app running.
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    is your Ram 3rd party or is it Apple Ram?
    what are you compressing from and to?
    Is it from FCP generated Quicktime files,
    or is it direct from FCP's timeline?
    If from FCP's timeline, as Yoda said, how many filters,
    transitions, audio effects, Motion effects, etc?

    The steps I take to shorten my renders:

    1. Export out of FCP to a Quicktime file, thus
    "flattening" many of my effects and transitions.
    2. Stick with One Pass over two pass for most projects.
    3.make sure to not run any other CPU intensive items
    or apps at the same time as Compressor. YMMV.

    also see here:
    Apple Compressor Time to actual job completion
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