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  1. Hi again, as part of my learning curve, I have decided to give .iso to Xvid a whirl

    I have my loaded the .iso onto a virtual drive with Daemon tools, from there I can see the .vob and .ifo files etc

    I am about to install AGK, with which I hope to make an Xvid, but I need to know:

    a) will AKG be able to see the virtual files (ie: can I get the files 'into' AGK using this method?)

    b) Considering the DVD is already on my HDD, how much HDD space is required for AKG to cough up the output Xvid?

    c) Can someone point me to a guide that covers what I have outlined above, I have had a look at the guides but am not sure if I need a specific guide for the above, I really am not sure what I need to do with AKG

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    You could also try's a little more straight forward. It should be able to see the mounted disc, if not, just rip like a normal dvd.
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    AutoGK might not read from a virtual drive. If it doesn't, just copy the contents to a fixed drive and work from there.
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