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    Hi all

    I have a track that i want to cut and then loop over and over.
    I am using Goldwave, i don't know what I,m looking for, to seamlessly join the start and end cue points, I don't mind a little click when the sound loops but not too much, you know?

    Can anybody help?

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    Was some time since I did that, but isn't it just to set the left marker where you want to start, then right approx where you want it to end, hit "User play" (the play icon with the smiley) and your selection will loop. Now you can move the end point until you get a nice loop.
    Copy this, then create a new track of desired length, paste&paste&paste&... until you've filled the new track.

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    Goldwave 5.19

    Options tag -> Control properties -> Play = intro/loop/end.
    " " -> Record = bounded and looped.

    Play around with those.
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