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    I have the energy take 5.2 speaker setup with the S8.2 subwoofer.

    The manual (from memory when I could find it) was very vague with how to setup the sub and I have just moved house and am wanting to know what is what and how to properly set it up.

    I will post some photos if the net ones are not good enough but here is what options it has.
    On the back:

    The top left input says xover (i guess meaning crossover?)....what is that? It seems to have a better or more bassy sound when I plug an RCA cable into it than when I plug it into the input on the right which simply says 'input'.

    Also I cant recall the exact words (I will read it again and post tomorrow if needed) of what the red and black inputs are but I think they say something like analogue? Are these for connecting the sub to a passive system, where it takes bass from the front speakers and directs it to the sub??

    Also on the front it has controls:

    from this website I got this information:

    The sub's front-mounted port is a new design, and all controls—level, cutoff frequency, and Audio/Video EQ switch—are also found on the front, which is very convenient. The level and lowpass dials are concave and flush-mounted, with a radial insert that makes the dials easy to operate.
    I dont understand what all that means.

    Also on page 2 of that same website or at this link:

    it explains some of my first question but again I dont fully understand what it means....I dont know what crossover 100hz and 200 hz means.

    I run it through a sony amplifier/reciever which is DD and DTS and I run everything through it (dvd/cable/dtv etc).

    Could someone please break this down for me so I can set up my system properly and also learn what all this means?

    Thanks in advance.
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    plug the sub out on your receiver (Line level) into the sub in (xover) on the subwoofer (rca to rca)
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    What BJ_M said, at least that's how my powered subwoofer works. The 100 and 200 are probably cut off points for the bass. It seems to have passive inputs also. Mine is virtually silent as it only responds to low frequencies below 100hz. But it does vibrate the floor. When it works right, you will know it. I'm in a apartment so I have to keep it turned way down.
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