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  1. When I click on "START/ALL PROGRAMS" the listing exceeds the screen's width, so some programs on the rightmost area of the screen are not visible. How can I access them? Is there a 3rd party plugin that will make them visible in a "2nd page"?
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    I'm not aware of a 2nd or 3rd page option on the start menu.

    Best I can suggest is that you restructure your menu and group like applications together.

    The menu you see is build from 2 areas (assuming you are on XP, NT etc)

    First there's
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu

    and then
    C:\Documents and Settings\<Your User ID>\Start Menu

    They are just normal foulders so you can move stuff around, create folders your your hearts content. Even better each change you make is immediate to clicking Start/All Programs lets you see your changes.

    You might need to be an administrator to check the All Users area I'm not sure!

    Hope this helps
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    start>right click anywhere on the start menu and select properties>start menu>customize>advanced>

    Under start menu items put a check next to scroll programs.
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  4. Thanks, I've done those things in the past. The problem with grouping like applications together is that when uninstalling you have to manually remove the entry from the list (no big deal but still a drawback). Regarding the scrolling option, it is really slow having all this programs installed, specially when scrolling down to the bottom. It would be great to have an "All Programs" list that would work just as the old Netscape Navigator "Bookmarks" did (if anyone recalls), you only needed to click on the very last item in the list to instantly pop up the 2nd page with listings, etc. I wonder if Vista adds this functionality and if there is any 3rd party application that will enable XP to add this feature.
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    Unfortunately XP adjusts all the column widths based on the single longest name in any column. A quick fix is to right-click the longest names and re-name them to something shorter. Who needs "Adobe Photoshop CS3" when "Photoshop" will do? This will shrink the columns and allow you to have more columns available. To access the entry names in your currently unavailable right-most column go to your Start Menu folder as IKnowNothing suggested and rename them there. Of course you'll have to manually delete the entries on uninstall, as you noted above, but how often do you do that, anyway.

    The next program you install that has a long entry will widen the column widths again but you can just rename it after it's installed.

    I've also created a "Various" folder in the Start Menu and dragged a lot of infrequently-used entries into it. Gives me a good place to find crap I ought to uninstall since I never use them.
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