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  1. Hiya evvybuddy,

    I just got a display model of this unit from a Target for $34, which was 2/3 off the regular price. Trutech T650-DR is the model number.

    It had no remote, but I managed to get it working with a GE Universal remote - the really small one that slides open like a cellphone. I used code search, and after about 52 tries it started working. BUT..... the buttons don't work according to their labels - e.g. the Volume > button actually is channel down, and so on. I wrote down what each button actually does and can get the thing to record OK. For the price this is OK, but I'd really like to find a remote where the keys would work correctly.
    Since one Universal remote works, I'm hoping there might be others. Does anyone know if this unit is a re-badge of something like Cyberhome, Daewoo, etc.? Notice this is not the same as the Trutech TT1620 - it has Firewire and USB ports in front. The recorded image quality is not bad - the quality is limited more by my analog cable signal.
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  2. So far I have got the tech support number from a helpful Target employee. Haven't called it yet, but a google search on the number shows that the DVD recorder is made by a Hong Kong company called Starlight. Their website is, which has a picture of the same unit but no other information.
    So far the recorder is working okay. It is the first DVDR I have seen with a USB input on it, even if it will only recognize digital cameras.
    Hopefully the tech support people can help me get a manula or even a remote.

    I think some of the rotten reviews posted on the Target site are actually referring to the TT1620 recorder, which was made by a different OEM.
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    I picked up the exact model DVD recorder from a Goodwill thrift store. It did not come with the remote and I need it to operate the recording function. I been trying to search online using the model number found on the back of the unit. So far no luck and there is only one person selling the remote and they want 40 dollars. Here is the link: this is crazy and why is it so expensive? If you are still around please help me and if you have the GE remote.. can you list the model number of it?
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