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  1. I am looking for a program that can examine an audio clip, and determine that is NOT composed of repeating or looped segments, and show that a 30-minute to 2-hour recording actually occurred in real-time.

    Does not need to be FBI quality, at least not yet, but some documentation or expert statements that it can indeed perform this function would be helpful.

    And/or any companies which would perform such an analysis, hopefully fairly cheap?
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    Nelson37, I don't know of any Audio-specific apps that do that, but one thing you might try would be to export the audio file as a headerless, RAW LPCM stream (1 channel only each). Then you will have a continuous stream of bytes, which you could use more general-purpose pattern matching applications on (now it's just a Binary file). Like a "GREP" utility. Find "dupes" etc. You'll have to tell it somehow to parse on sample boundaries though (16bit, 24bit).
    Do you already know of a questionable section that you think may be repeated, or are you trying to search for any repetitions?


    edit: or maybe run a "decode" through a steganography app (hidden/masked/encrypted piggybacking)
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  3. I wish to demonstrate that a lengthy clip does NOT consist of shorter clips that repeat. I will be creating the clip. It may be used in a somewhat formal environment.

    I thought of making the recording with a movie playing in the backround, but then it would be easy to just take a 5-minute clip and loop it to overlay. The hour or two time interval required to be covered is for my benefit, and it is known that I could make such an overlay or repeating clip.

    I need to demonstrate to a non-technical, very small audience that something they will listen to a very short sample of goes on for hours, as an actual event in real-time and not faked by "special effects".

    Sort of like the Seti@Home in reverse, I want to show there is NO repeating pattern.

    Thank you for your interest, any and all ideas appreciated. I have one week from tomorrow.
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    if you put the whole thing through a FFT -- you would see certain peaks repeating over time .. though by pitch shifting and other methods -- you could disguise this ....

    ask the producers at CSI , they can do anything
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