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  1. I tried to search, but not sure what keywords to use.

    I need to edit some videos given to me on DVD and burn the final collections back onto DVDs for looping.

    So, I rip the dvd and get the VIDEO_TS folder. If i burn that folder back onto dvd using "dvd-video from video_ts" everything is fine. However, if I use "dvd-video" and only drag in the required VOB, the video expands and logos and text get cut off at the edges. Same happens when I edit the videos and try to burn those.

    Is there some options pannel i'm missing?
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    I would use Cinematize and Mpeg streamclip for dvd editing.

    ANd I'm moving you to our mac forum section.
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  3. Thanks Baldrick. I'm a noob here.

    Now, when i need to edit videos, i rip dvds with Handbrake at the moment. Is there some reason those videos, when put back onto dvd, expand horizontally, hiding logos and such?

    edit: basically, any video i try to burn in Toast 7 gets cut off horizontally. The only ones that don't are the ones done the way i mentioned in the first post
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    You don't need to rip the video DVDs if they are not copy protected. Also, your process for adding the videos from the VIDEO_TS folder to Toast needs to be different. Here's how to do that:
    Place the VIDEO_TS folder itself on the desktop or inside the Movies folder, or insert an unencrypted video DVD. Choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser. In a moment you'll see a file appear in that window. Use the lower button in the browser to access either the titles level or the chapters level of the DVD. Select what you want to extract. Now - with video DVD selected as the format in the Toast Video window - drag what you want from the browser to the Video window. Toast extracts the MPEG from the VIDEO_TS folder.

    When you say you want to edit from the MPEGs Baldrick's recommendation to use either Cinematize or MPEG Streamclip makes the best sense. In either case you can use those apps to select scenes from the VIDEO_TS and save them as MPEG files to use in Toast. You don't need to use Toast's Media Browser then to extract the MPEGs.
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