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  1. i am tring to make a 2 camera mix i am having a small problem
    i tried to import a video from ym camcorder and there was no audible audio
    i tried to import to iMovie and then export/share the iMove project
    i then opened the file in FCP and again no audible audio

    can someone tell me what file the video format needs to be exported from iMovie and how do i export audio that will open and play in FCP

    i tried "full quality" (dv), quicktime mov, and m2v
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    Ok let's take it from the top:
    You set the Camera to import via FW into FCP?
    the video ( and audio) should have been captured in
    via the Capture Now to a Bin folder.

    Originally, was the audio set for 12bit or 16bit on the camera?
    ( if 12bit, this would be the problem, as 16bit is what
    is accepted in FCP)

    Did the camera use an onboard mic, or and external mic?
    Did the external mic have proper power at the time of recording?

    When you say "audible" audio, is this audio that can be heard,
    but not very loudly, or is there NO audio, not even camera hiss?

    Lastly, what model camcorder, and what methods are you using
    to capture into the computer ( FW, USB, third party capture card,
    or third party capture box?)
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    Take it from earlier than that...

    Can you hear sound when playing back the tape from the camera?
    What audio settings does the camera show (may need to turn MENU DISPLAY ON for this)?

    If it's here, you can get it in somehow, even if it's not correct.
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  4. thanks guys
    i can hear and see the audio/video playing on the camcorder
    it is 12bit on board mic
    played back on a connon zr__ captured to a external FW harddrive

    when capturing i can see the video but there is NO audio whats so ever
    when i stop capturing i can play the video but there is no audio and the meters do not move

    I FIGURED IT OUT - the audio output was set to "play" through my external hd, where the file is being saved
    changed that setting to default and/or built in speakers and i can now hear audio on playback
    i still can not hear it on capture but i don't care about that

    thanks again
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