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  1. I have video files from an Archos 704 that have been split on the 2GB boundaries. The files (segments) have extensions like 'avi' (first segment), '.av2' (second segment), '.av3' (third segment) and so on. Since joining is such a slow process, is there any way to feed all segments of a split avi video file to ffmpegX at one time?
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    In a word, no. Perhaps there's a command-line way of doing so, but there isn't a way to do it directly within ffmpegx.

    But in any case, compared to transcoding, joining isn't all that slow. I think you may have to live with that. If you use D-Vision's joining tool, it's only a couple of mouse clicks, and then you can go get a cup of coffee or two while it does its thing. Then launch whatever job you wanted ffmpegX to do...
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  3. Thank you for your information. FYI, there is a known problem trying to play Archos generated video files on an Intel Mac. QT and others crash immediately necessitating transcoding before viewing. ffmepegX was the only transcoder I could find that could do the task. To my surprise, after joining files with ffmpegX, transcoding was no longer necessary. I'm downloading D-trace now and will give that a try as well.
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