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  1. I have an Acard 1-to-1 DVD/CD duplicator (no HDD) that I have been using for a couple of years now. Recently, I started to occasionally encounter an error message that I've never seen before, and that is not covered in the manual. I have an inquiry out to their tech support, but they are being quite slow in responding, so I'm interested if anyone else has an Acard machine, has seen this, and knows what it is.

    It seems to happen before the duplicating process even starts. Normally, the screen will display:


    ...when you start. After hitting enter, the thing will eventually display:

    1.Copy F->

    Now, I think this may be related to a bad blank disc, because I have encountered a bad SOURCE disc before, and it will start the duplication process and eventually bomb out and specifically say that there is a problem with the source disc. But this cryptic error message happens before anything starts to be copied. And it doesn't seem to be related to any specific source disc anyway -- it might happen once or twice with a certain disc, and then not again.

    I'm not a techie, so forgive me if this is really, really simple and I'm missing something. Thanks.
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  2. Just bumping this (with permission) as it has been a few weeks since the original, and I'm still having the problem sporadically.
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  3. UPDATE -- OK, I finally got hold of the Acard people, and they seem to think the RW drive is starting to fail (when I told him it was a Pioneer DVR-110D, he said that he thought that wasn't a very good drive and that the folks who lashed this thing together shouldn't have used it), and that's what would produce that error message. The situation is that the machine was purchased from a dealer who doesn't do repairs, Acard makes the controller only and doesn't repair or replace drives, and the local computer stores will happily replace a drive, but can't guarantee how it will work with the controller as they generally don't work with duplicators.

    *SO*.....the updated question is: on a machine such as this, will simply swapping out the drive for a new one work, or will it need some sort of software/firmware update to work with the Acard controller? I'd hate to spend dough on a new drive and labor, and then find that it doesn't work and end up having to replace the whole shebang anyway (I am not a man of means). Any guidance would be appreciated -- thanks.
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    Originally Posted by monkeydna View Post
    I have an LG 11 target duplicator that shows NG:01 F-> after a few rounds of multiple burns. The error msg is not only on one target but moves around to other targets. Any one have this happen? Thanks!

    again bad form. an 8 year old dead post is not where to ask a new question.
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