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  1. I have *.AVI wich i encoded to *.M2V with TMPGEnc Xpress 4.0
    i demuxed the AC3 audio from the *.AVI source (VDubMOD) in order to compile a DVD Movie with DLP.
    I imported the *.M2V to a new project,
    and then the AC3.
    when i imported the AC3 i got a massage saying: "the audio stream is corrupted would you like to fix it?"
    so i clicked "yes" and it went through.
    i compiled the DVD and the result is out of sync audio...

    i thought maybe the corrupted AC3 audio is what caused it so i tryed it with other way:
    i saved the audio from the *.AVI source as WAV (VDubMOD), encoded it with Wav To Ac3 Enc
    and added it to my project overwrite the first "corrupted" audio stream.
    copmile again...
    the audio is out of sync again...!

    i'll just say that its not the first time i get this massage about the corrupted AC3 and i never had sync problems with DLP before...

    do you have any suggestions what can possibly be the problem?

    thank you!
    any help very well appreciated!!!
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  2. Always Watching guns1inger's Avatar
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    virtualdubmod doesn't always demux AC3 well. Usually a trip through AC3fix will get it working again.

    You can also adjust the delay in DLP, if you audio is out by a constant amount.
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  3. guns1inger, thanks for postin man!
    tryed AC3fix - didnt go well...

    something else i've noticed:

    this audio is the one that fixed by DLP...
    dont know if it has something to do with my problem...
    but anyway...
    does the video's runtime soppused to be shorter then the audio?
    what else do you suggest?
    maybe demuxing the audio with different tool?
    which tool can i use to demux AVI?

    Thanks again man!
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  4. by-the-way,
    how can i adjust the delay in DLP?

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  5. Always Watching guns1inger's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
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    Ignore the times in the asset window unless they are minutes apart. Those times are well within tolerance. I don't have DLP in front of me, but there is a menu option that opens a dialogue where you can enter a + or - delay amount. DLP will create a new AC3 file with the delay incorporated.
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  6. guns1inger,
    OK, found it!
    thanks man!
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