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  1. Just to quickly explain why I need these particular settings:
    My Bluetooth media player can play AVI's and mp4's (quicktime simple profile) through it's speaker, no problem.
    But the mediaplayer will only stream sound via Bluetooth if it's 44.1kHz .

    Pocketdivxencoder (beta version with crop function) produces excellent AVI's and 44.1kHZ sound.
    Nero Recode 2 (version also produces excellent MP4's and has a crop and resize too that I need, but will only produce 32kHz sound.
    The Mediaplayer will play this file but will not stream the audio.

    What I need to know is, what converters will produce excellent quality MP4's with 44.1kHz sound and have lots of tools to cut, crop and resize video.
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    If you don't find a program, it seems you could always convert the audio to 44.1Khz and mux it back with the video.
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  3. So if I have an MP4 created with Nero, which program can I use to convert the audio to 44.1kHz without wasting time converting the video?
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