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  1. i have *.avi file:


    i wanted to convert it to Xvid, so i used AutoGK for it,
    the result was audio out of sync.

    so i tryed VDubMOD with two passes conversion and this is what i'v got after 2 minutes of process:

    after clickin "Exit Program", i got this:

    what did i do wrong?
    what is the problem?
    how can i convert it to Xvid using VDubMOD or AutoGK without run into this issues?

    Thanks in advance!
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    To change 3ivX to Xvid, just change the FourCC to XVID. No need to re-encode.
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  3. celtic_druid,
    thanks for the reply man!

    how can i change the FourCC (what ever it is) to Xvid?
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  4. Originally Posted by jagabo
    AVI FourCC Code Changer
    Select your file, type "xvid" into the top box, "XVID" into the bottom box, Apply.
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  5. Oops, hit the wrong button.
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  6. jagabo,
    thanks for the help man!
    it worked:

    but now its not playable...:

    i can only hear the movie's sound...
    i cant load it in VDubMOD neither...:

    what should i do next...?

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  7. Install the Xvid codec? Did you follow my instructions exactly? The fourcc can be case sensitive. Be sure the top box is all lower case xvid and the bottom box is all upper case XVID.
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  8. jagabo,
    OK thanks - i got it!
    i've picked Div4 (or something like that...) by mistake...
    sorry for the bother, and thanks again!
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