Hoping someone can enlighten me here... I'm SO close to what I want...

I managed, with GREAT pains, to encode a movie from HD-DVD to a movie which is now 720p resolution (sized down to what my TV shows) and ac3 audio.

Basically, the stats are roughly:

Video: 1280x720 h264, 8000 Constant BR (I know this might be slightly high) Used Filter graph -> ffdshow --> .avs --> Virtualdubmod to encode.

Audio: 6-channel (5.1) AC3, derived PAINFULLY from the DD+ track.

OK... I finally get them encoded, and I multiplex them, first using MKVMerge GUI, because Matroksa supposedly works better.

In short... it works better. I can play it in Media Player, and if I jump around the navigation bar some, it will always go back in sync within a second or two. Everything looks great.

Ultimately, though, I know that .avi containers can be played by almost every program, like PowerDVD etc, which will NOT play Matroska .mkv's. So I multiplex the same streams into an AVI with AVI-Mux GUI.

The result seems the same, except now if I jump around with the nav bar, the audio is permanently de-synched.

Are there settings in AVI-Mux GUI that will help prevent this problem? Or should I stick to Matroska?...

EDIT: it just ocurred to me, this might not be a "newbie" question... :P