Hello, my friend was recently in Thailand and while he was there he bought an illegal HD copy of 300. He gave it to me for the night and i burned it onto my computer. When i burned it i was left with AUDIO TS and VIDEO TS. Audio was empty, video had a bunch of .VOB files. When i would watch the .VOB files, the volume and sound was all fine, everything was good, so i deleted a bunch of the .VOB files so i was only left with the movie part, I didn't want to waste memory on credits and previews and such. So then I used Nero "Make your own DVD-Video" and i burned them all together onto a dvd with a menu and such. The video works good and everything worked out as planned, but the volume is less than half as loud as it was before. When i watch the video files that are saved on my computer, it works fine, but when i watch the disc i burned on a dvd player or my computer the volume is off. Help

You are in breach of the forum rules and are being issued with a formal warning. Asking about help for an 'illegal' disc is in violation of our rules.
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