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    I would like to know if I can do multi-cam editting on Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Platinum software. I will be using just 2 consumer (Sony Handycam) cameras and will be video taping a band.

    I wanted to use a fairly inexpensive software to do the editting and I liked the Vegas Movie Studio, but I could not tell if it could do the multi cam editting, or if there was a plug-in I can use with it.

    If it cannot be done with Movie Studio is there another software that is priced between 50-$300 that would do the job? (I am not quite ready for the full blown Premeire or Final Cut Pro yet.. )


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    According to this, you can;

    You may want to download the manual from sony vegas site to make sure. I did a 3 camera concert project using ulead mediastudio pro, but $400 may be out of your budget and approaches the cost of full vegas suite which is reportedly superior.
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  3. Here's a link on several ways to edit multicam in Vegas.

    You can get a copy of Vegas 6.0 (pro version) from for $99. Unlimited audio and video tracks, plus excellent color correction tools. It will pick up the ac3 encoding capability from your Movie Studio Platinum after you install it (did with mine).

    Check out for $10/week rental of the VASST Vegas training DVDs. Search on Vegas.
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