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    I have encoded some of my DVDs as mkv (video avc, standard profile, ac3 audio). now I saw that PS3, since version 1.6 plays m2ts ( according to wikipedia m2ts can contain video avc and ac3 audio streams. so that's exactly what i needed. now my question is, is there a muxer for m2ts. I have only found demuxer.

    are do you have any other ideas? for watching the movies on ps3?

    i also installed YDL on PS3, using Videolan to play the movies, but they show some artefacts.... don't know why...

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    download -

    1) Mkvtoolnix - Demux A/V from MKV

    2) Belight + Besweet - Convert AC3 into MP2 (MP4 can't handle AC3)

    2) YAMB 1.6 - Mux AVC/h264 video and MP2 audio into MP4 container

    4) MP42TS - Muxes MP4 into TS file

    5) Zlib1.dll (needed for MP42TS)

    Not tested, though.
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  3. You say "MP4 can't handle AC3." All I'd read was that PS3 won't play AC3 in a TS container. I've gotten around this by re-encapsulating in a PS stream. In any case, I'd always avoid MP2 audio, especially if AAC is available.
    Thorax was looking for an m2ts muxer ... will mp42ts create an m2ts or ts stream?
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