I'm giving Linux (MEPIS) a real good look, my first hurdle has been reliable Video capture and I'm still trying to find software for that, but it's looking promising. My next challenge is creating iPod compliant H.264 video, I've been messing around with AviDemux 2.x but as full featured and intuitive as it is I'm having a hell of a time getting results with x264. I know my way around x264 and MPEG-4 in general but the resulting files go through the encoding process and result in a no video and sometimes audio, also unless I specify the file extension ".mp4" it creates an unrecognized file type. Do any of you Linux users create video for their iPods with AviDemux?? is there a preferred stable version? "iPod" searches on the AviDemux forum are yielding nothing. If I encode H.264 files to DVD then the resultant files are out of Sync even with the FPS set the same as the input. There is a lot of good press on this site about AviDemux that obviously came from somewhere but so far IMO it is no VirtualDub replacement!

BTW XVid seems to work OK, but H.264 is Soooooo Much better!

I was/am expecting somewhat of a learning curve with Linux, but I would expect a multi-platform app like AviDemux to behave the same in all OS's. Guidance appreciated!