my son shoots hockey games on camcorders (Canon GL2, Sony PD170, Canon XL2 , Panasonic etc) , connects firewire from the camera to DVD recorder (Sony RDR GX330), recording mode is 1.5 hours. Hockey games last about 60 minutes. At the end of the game, the camerman finalizes the DVD. DVD is -R. Couple of problems, he has to connect a stupid little TV to the DVD recorder so that the camerman can finalize the DVDs, the camerman has to see the DVD function "okay to finalize?". Another problem is the motion is sometimes jerky, once every 5 minutes or so, it looks like the DVD recorder misses a couple of frames, no big deal but it is noticeable!

I am looking at the Sony VRD MC3 to record the DVDs. It comes with its own LCD screen so he won't need an extra TV. I am hoping that it is better able to buffer the input so that it won't skip frames on the output. What do you think?