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    Does anyone have experience with any of these devices for watching movies? How do they compare to Zune and iPOD video?
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  2. You need to go down to the stores and look at the display. I think Stapler or Office Depot has Archos on sales this week.

    Archos is made in France.
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    let me say its a great product, very easy to navigate through the menu, archos is known for that. Video is pretty good. Ive only owned the av320 which is no longer made. Ive had some good experience with it, and some bad, just like any product there are pro's and con's, mines had a problem with the battery terminals, which would loose contact with the battery. Luckily those problems have been addressed with the newer models.
    In my search for the the ultimate player I look for these things.

    1. Battery life, very important
    2. Menu navigation
    3. Weight
    4. Size
    5. warranty
    6. sound and video compatibility
    7. Durability (is it up to being dropped by accident).

    Obviously not in that order, but you get the idea.

    Those are just some things to look at, to his their own. I too am in the middle of buying a new media player (no ipod for me lol). I really enjoyed the new 604 wifi. Well if you need any help, let me know.
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