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    The Logitech® Harmony® 1000 features a brilliant 3.5” color touch screen that allows for one-touch activity-based control of even the most sophisticated A/V components. Say goodbye to the wasted time and unnecessary complexity of multiple remotes controlling multiple devices; Logitech's patented Smart State Technology® makes it easy! Control your HDTV, adjust aspect ratios, or change sound modes—there are no complicated macros to program. Just press an on-screen activity icon and Harmony does the rest.

    The Harmony 1000's sleek shape and brushed aluminum surfaces will look right at home as the centerpiece of your digital living room. One remote is all you'll need to control even the most complex home entertainment systems. And when used together with a Harmony® RF Wireless Extender (sold separately), you can further reduce clutter by placing your components out of sight. Since the remote can transmit both infrared and radio frequency commands, you can control equipment inside a cabinet or even in the next room.

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    and very affordable indeed...
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