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    Are you ready to take the HDTV plunge but don't know where to start? Well, prices are dropping swiftly in just about every HDTV category and there are plenty of types and sizes from which to choose. In this article we will take a closer look at the current HDTV universe: basic types of HDTV, pros and cons of each type, what you should expect to pay and some suggestions for each category. We'll also see if there is anything interesting (and affordable) coming down the pike.

    This is pretty nice time to enter the HDTV market. Sure prices will continue to drop, but all technologies have dropped a great deal in the past few years, and spending $1,000-$1,500 can get you a high-quality 720p or 1080p display 50" in size or greater. Also, with the drastic reductions of flat panel and front projection technologies, you now have over a half-dozen types of reasonably priced HDTV display technologies to choose from. While each type of HDTV has strengths and weaknesses, the bottom line is that it's a lot more difficult to make a bad purchase these days as most models and technologies are well-refined with good overall image quality characteristics.
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    Among many statements made on the link you provided, there's this one:

    "LCD displays are at their best when displaying video-based material such as live broadcasts and sporting events, with rich color and excellent detail. LCD displays are also much better suited for gaming and computer use than Plasma because of resolution compatibility and brightness uniformity issues. . ."

    LCD's do not have rich color and excellent detail. They have limited color capability, inaccurate skin tones, blocked-up shadows, burned-up highlights, and much of the "detail" has been filtered-out. LCD's are not better for sports events and computer games because of the difficulty most LCD processors have when rendering rapid motion correctly. The three weakest point of LCD displays are their digital-to-analog converters, their de-interlacers, and their color display/shading limitations. In all three categories, any analog or digital CRT will outperform any LCD at any price.

    If you can't see any of these visual disturbances, or if they just don't bother you, then a high-end SONY is your only current choice in an LCD-HDTV. You'll find many discussions on this forum wherein the merits of LCD's are strongly disputed, and there's more elsewhere on the Internet.
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