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  1. I am trying to get a video off a website having trouble playing it theres no download option.

    How can i download it?

    The websites running it in adobe flash player.

    Also how can i download it when it is run in widows media player?

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    Originally Posted by Clarky_man
    Also how can i download it when it is run in widows media player?

    For Flash, the link above gives a lot of options. But, if you're trying to capture WMV or RM video files streamed from MMS, PNM, or RTSP servers, you should probably give NetTransport a try. One note ... the NetTransport link given on VideoHelp's tool page takes you to the $25 trialware version. Frankly, I haven't noticed any significant improvement in the tool over Version 1.87 - which was the last freeware version. That freeware version can be downloaded here:

    Call me crazy (grin) but, every year, I visit the Groundhog Day site in Pennsylvania and capture their live 320x240 WMV feed of the festivities. I usually get between an hour or two of stuff, convert it to MPEG1 and burn to a VCD. I like small-town nuttiness. Anyhoo, NetTransport captures the MMS stream flawlessly.
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