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    Hi all

    I am working on getting video and audio from a switcher and soundboard to a Canopus analog-to-digital converter. I have yet to purchase the converter. I was wondering: If I run an s-video cord from the switcher and audio from the soundboard to the analog-to-video converter, would there be any audio sync issues?

    S-Video is the only connection available to me.


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    Depends on if the "Switcher" and "Soundboard" are analog or digital...

    If both are analog, shouldn't be any problem, as the timebase for both are (nearly) instantaneous. Then it's just the A-to-D in the Canopus. Since it's doing the conversion both for the audio and the video in the one box (and using quite good quality components), everything should be ok.

    If one or both of the above devices are digital, you could have either no problem, or a lead or lag, depending upon which device had the greater inherent delay (all digital devices like this would have some). Sometimes it might not be obvious that they digital, as they can have built-in A-to-D on the inputs and D-to-A on the outputs. TBC's are such devices.
    Most manufacturers do publish what their inherent throughput delay is, maybe you could find that out (Google?) and if need be, get a delay compensator which can be put inline on the "earlier" device so that they're both delayed by the same amount. Put that into the Canopus, and all should be well.

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