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  1. I picked up this refurb DVD combo unit just before Christmas not knowing the limitation on media recording speed. I waited 3 weeks to get a replacement remote so I could access the code required before they'd send me the upgrade disk. Now they are behind on fullfilling the disk order. Does anyone have this disk so that they could make me an ISO file copy of it that I could download ? I'm told there are two versions and my firmware code of MST told them which one I needed.
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    I did the upgrade last summer, but sorry, don't have a clue where the disc is. While I can now use new discs, I was disappointed the new firmware caused problems starting a recording. After anywhere from 30 secs to 2.5 min. the recording starts over again maybe 3 or 4 times. Usually doing a short recording in 4 hr mode (1 or 2 min) first allows a good start in 2 hr mode. Then delete the first title before finalizing.
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