Thanx for the clues guys!! But I quittt!!!! (( I canīt make this thing work!!! So I still working with MMC 6.3 and I'll try to be happy with!!! Actually, I was trying to work with MMC 7.1 to be able to increase de bit rate without going to the regedit thing!! But now I have another Problem, If I try to capture a video from my VCR using the instructions in the AT's post about regedit configuration for VCD complaint files, it works pretty fine. My EZC 5.0 accept the file and everything goes right. But when I try to increase the bit rate in the regedit, my video starts to have a lot of frame loss when the recording time is about 2:00 minutes.

I have a AMD 1Gz and 256 Mb pc100, Asus 7v133 motherboard and I donīt think my machine hasnīt horse power to do it!!!
Do you have any Ideas????

Thanx in advance!!!!