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    Do all the USA single disc Yamaha DVD players (2006-2007 models) have the same remote hack? I have used a Yamaha S657 (no HDMI) prog scan to play PAL discs on my old tube TV.

    I will now have a 32" LCD Sony HDTV and want to connect using HDMI to play PAL discs. Models I have been looking at are Yamaha S5950 and S659. There are some others as well that 'upconvert' to 720p.

    There was a site I bookmarked listing a bunch of remote/handset hacks w/virtually all yamaha players - but now it's "not available on this server" any longer.

    Does anyone have any info on a similar site, or remote hacks NTSC to PAL all region - specifically yamaha 'native' NTSC/PAL single-DVD players that are under US$300.
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    Open the tray. Press 99990. Close the tray.
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