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    Hello, I'm a newbie, this site will not let me post this in the right forum yet (gota wait a day for some reason), so admins, you'll have to move it whenever you want - sorry. What a hassle that must be for you guys.


    I have a Motorola e815 phone.

    It plays video in 3g2 format at 176x144 resolution @ 15fps

    I want to convert some .avi/divx/xvid type video files to 3g2 format.

    I'm not a complete computer idiot, but not a 'geek' either.

    Are there any layman's type guides, programs, step-by-steps out there?

    Can someone make a quick 'how to'?

    What software to use? Is there any freeware to do it with?

    The research, I've read already on here points to a program called 'Super', is it any good? How do I get it?

    Thanks in advance. Love the site.
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    I'll move you to our Portable Video Forum. And for SUPER, just click on the tool name if it is in red text. That will take you to the tool listing for it.

    For other programs that may do your conversion, look in 'Tools' to the left. There is a listing for Portable/Mobile/PSP/iPod programs: You should see SUPER on that list also.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. Super is the easiest.
    From it's dropdown box, select Sony/Eriksson 176x144 defaults, 3gp with ac3 audio, and it should work just fine.
    Cheers, Jim
    My DVDLab Guides
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