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  1. Whats the difference between IDX and SUB files?
    Are both needed?
    Both are subtitle files right?
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    They go together. I believe the IDX file is the index file with all the timing, while the SUB file has the actual subs in them. So yes, you need both.
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    I confirm both are needed. The sub file holds the bitmap information for each subpic plus their durations and also their start times (although they are not used). The idx holds the start time of each subpic, plus their position in the sub file, plus the language ids plus the color palette of the subpics. To my knowledge there is no software that can read a sub without the associated idx file.

    Theoretically, it would be possible to generate and idx file using only the sub file (however without the color palette). this is one of my plans for a next version of SubtitleCreator. However this would be useful only for people who have lost the idx file associated with the sub file. Some software player also accept a .rar file holding the .sub + the .idx.

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