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    I've made a movie in Adobe Premier Elements that I'm trying to write to five DVD+R's.

    First, I exported in Premier to a DVD+RW which turned out fine. Then I thought it would be faster to use Nero Burning ROM 7 to make five copies than to export in Premier again. So I start the copying process and all goes well until my computer freezes in the middle of writing the second copy. I force the computer to switch off and try writing the already created disk image to a new DVD+R. The same thing happens. *sigh*

    I even try to export to five copies directly from Premier (in case the problem lies in Nero) but the same thing happens.

    The problem seems to occur sporadically since I actually finished burning to the DVD+RW and the first DVD+R copy.

    My trash is filling up with half burnt DVD+R's and I'm beginning to lose my temper...

    Does anyone know what I should do to solve this problem?
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    We need ...

    Burner model
    Media used
    Power supply watt's of pc

    Has there been other similar issue's with the pc ... not related to the burning problem ... sudden system restart's , bsod's ? ... or other minor issue's .

    If project already exist's on hard drive in dvd ready format ... have you tried burning with imgburn ?

    Do you have > start > settings > control panel > power option's ... set all to none .
    Right click on desktop > properties > screensaver ... as none .
    Internet connection ... if other than dialup ... turn system off , turn device off , disconnect it from pc , restart pc and try again .

    When was last system scandisk run?
    Did you defrag the hard drive after ?

    Just because xp say's there is no need ... it's full of bs when dealing with video project's ... force it to do it .


    After this it's check the cable's connected to unit ... especially the power coupling if shared with another device which can trigger the same problem's .

    And run hijackthis , scan system , and see what's running in the background that should not be there in the first place ... and kill those not required by system , and reboot ... it should run slightly faster without the junk running from system startup .

    Itune's , quicktime , system tuning tool's (gigabyte's idiot sensor tool) , messenger ... ect ... these are the thing's you should disable in hijackthis ... the system will call them only when required ... and that's how it should always be in the first place .


    "occur sporadically" could mean .

    A: Memory issue .
    B: Poor quality media .
    C: Cpu heat sink issue .
    D: A Nasty has got into the system ... trojan / virus

    Shut down pc , remove power cord , remove case side panel , gently blow out the dust accumulated on heat sink's , fan's , and anywhere else it has built up .

    Download memtest as iso ... it only takes about 14 seconds to burn the iso to cd ... reboot pc with it in drive , set bios to boot from cdrom first , hd as second boot option .

    It will run test upon boot ... takes a while ... if after 3rd pass all is well ... hit x , and remove cd from drive .

    Run nero's test tool on media to determine quality ... post info for help to determine if media is of known good quality type .

    Download avgfree , install , reboot , update , run complete system scan ... don't forget to empty the vault if it finds anything ... some will cause denial of nett service's , even from vault .

    Ad-aware se , install , update , scan , guaranteen all found ... hit lock , select backup ... delete it's a*** out of here for good .

    Rerun new scan with hijackthis ... post or pm log for help on item's of unknown origin being shown in list .


    Once you get this far ... the problem that caused the issue , will be either gone ... or narrowed down to only a few remaining thing's .
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    One of the most common causes of PCs locking up is over temp in the cpu.
    Check all fans, heat sinks for dust build up.
    Make sure that all fans are running.
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    I think overheated CPU might be the problem.

    When I think of it, the computer had been turned on for a very long time when it froze up several times. So I tried again with a "cold" computer and making sure there is a lot of space around the fan openings in the chassie, and it worked out without a problem.

    Thanks a lot for all the tips!
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