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  1. I've created a folder on my hard drive called VIDEO_TS and copied all the files from the folder DVD_RTAV from the finalized DVD (I've only had to finalize it once). I then renamed the VR_MOVIE.VRO to VR_MOVIE.VOB. Then using Nero Recode, I can recode to MPEG-4 but that's it. Nero won't find it if you try to recode it to DVD ????
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  3. What kind of disk is it? dvd-r?

    Why dont you rename it from *.vro to *.mpg
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  4. Just use DVD Decrpter to rip the DVD to HDD. You'll end up with the proper DVD-Video compliant files (\video_ts, ifo, vob, etc).
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    He can't rip with DVD Decrypter since he's dealing with a VR-mode disc (not a DVD-video disc).

    The question would be why reencode footage that could already be DVD-video compliant if it only needs to be authored?

    Digitalburn, all you need to do is demux the video and the audio streams out of the .VRO file and use an authoring application to create the dvd structure.
    For the demuxing stage DGIndex will do just fine with .VRO files (and no need to rename anything).

    IF the video stream happens to be in some non-DVD-video resolution (544x480, 480x480 or some other, which are perfectly legitimate on VR discs) then yes, it must be reencoded if you want to make a dvd-video out of it.
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  6. He can't rip with DVD Decrypter since he's dealing with a VR-mode disc (not a DVD-video disc).

    Sorry, you're right. I thought I did it with -VR before (guess that's why I don't use -VR ... terrible format).

    How about DVDFab Decrypter?

    That or record to DVD-Video instead. Or if cost isn't an issue, TMpgDVD Author can open DVD-VR discs, and then you can output it to DVD-Video compliant files losslessly.

    BTW, NeroVision Express supports DVD-VR too, in case you have it.
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