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    my default player for all my video files on my hard drive was power dvd but for some reason its switched to media player-and for some other reason it cant play a lot of files that power dvd could.
    I completely forget how to get it back the other way around??

    i went to properties of my dvd drive and it didnt even have power dvd in the list for video files, yet it still plays as default player for dvd discs

    Please help!
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    Try right-clicking on a particular file and going to Open With .... Then go to Choose Program, then choose PowerDVD, and tick the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" box. This should fix the file association for that particular file type. Rinse and repeat for any other file types affected. If that doesn't work, go to windows explorer, and go to Tools > Folder Options > File Types, find the extension(s) you wish to change and click the "Change" button. You should then be able to choose PowerDVD, and again tick the box so that it will always use powerdvd to open files with that extension.
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    did you just upgrade WMP? if so, thats why. you can open media player and select tools/options/file types and DEselect dvd video, so wmp doesn't consider itself the default.
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