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    Hello folks, I justed help a neighbor set up a Memorex MVD2042 DVD Player.

    Now, in the middle of the TV screen, there is a "P-SCAN', symbol that I cannot take off.

    I tried the Menu option for both TV and DVD, but confused in which one actually controls that command. Also, not sure how to turn off the "Dual Mode" command. Dual mode for two separate screens instead of one full screen.

    I researched the Memorex site, but they don't have information nor an user manual for this model.

    Can someone explain if they can, how to turn off "P-Scan'' and also the "dual Mode", command.

    Or atleast point me where I can download the manual.

    Thanks have a profound 07.
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    You mean just turn off the on screen display? That would be a remote control button labelled "OSD" or "Display".
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