I have a file (planet.earth.06.ice.worlds.1080i.h264.dd51.ts) that I believe to be encoded with H264.

When I play the file in Media Player Classic FFDShow opens and says the decoder used is "libavcodec h264" and input fourcc of "AVC1".

However, when I open this file using MediaInfo (v0.7.4.2) I get the following only:
Complete name : path_to_file\planet.earth.06.ice.worlds.1080i.h264 .dd51.ts
Format : MPEG-1 Transport
Format/Family : MPEG-1
File size : 8.10 GiB
StreamSize : 8.10 GiB

Why isn't MediaInfo able to show the complete metadata for this file? Any help will be greatly appreciated.