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  1. But nothing of that in Capture Mode, right? Because I've only ever changed this stuff in Capture Mode.
    For example, I have never changed this "Audio/Video Interleaving"... could that be the reason for the audio sync problem?

    And by MPEG, I mean FFMPEG in the Compression list.
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    Install this fast codec and retry your capture

    If it's still out of sync, install Amarectv as mentioned in that same post
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  3. Hello again! I've finally found the time to test out AmRecTV and it actually almost works too well. So thank you for that!

    There's only one issue: After some minutes of recording, both VHS tapes I've tried so far begin to stutter, with a lot of lost frames.
    I rewound the tapes to see if it was their fault, but the second time, the same part played normally.

    Any ideas what could cause the stuttering? Maybe the file size? Even just three minutes are 1GB and my computer isn't exactly state of the art.
    I'm using the codec you advised me to try and of course have the settings set to NTSC_M_J. The VHS tapes in question are all NTSC 3.58.
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  4. Hello,
    I have such problem, that I have video and I need to record speaach to it. The speach is faster then the video so it is not synchronized. I would like to use some FREE program to insert delays manually and then use video cutting tool. I use windows XP where I use avidemux 2.5.6 and virtualdub. But I think that it is not possible to insert the audio delay to it, be it simple. So you know some program which can run on Win XP for free to be able to do that?
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