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    What I'm trying to do is offload my poor TiVo that's full to the brim. I can download files to my PC, but I'd like to burn them to DVD so I can watch them on my TV again.

    I have tivodecode, that converts the files to unencrypted .mpg, and t2sami that extracts the closed captions into a .srt or .smi file. From there my goals are:

    1. I'd like to burn a DVD from the .mpg file.
    2. I'd like it to have the closed captions (or barring that subtitles of the closed captions).
    3. I'd like to be able to edit out commercials and cruft to shorten the darn things.

    The files I have play under mplayer (with subtitles). I can edit them with avidemux and play the resulting files, although the subtitles no longer match. In fact, often the sound is out of sync after each piece I removed. Someone on the avidemux forums told me to try projectX, which splits the file into separate video (m2v) and audio (mp2) streams, and then recombining them with mplex. Doing that sometimes causes mplex to give a data underrun error, but regardless, the resulting file is even worse, with sound out of sync and jumpy video. OK, scratch goal #3, let's try for #2.

    I've tried using spumux to combine the subtitles with the video, but it spews out millions of lines like:

    INFO: Skipped 41265 bytes of garbage
    INFO: Skipped 15896 bytes of garbage

    and ultimately inserts 0 subtitles. OK, scratch #2, at least let's try for #1.

    I've tried using dvdstyler to burn dvds, and sometimes this works, sometimes I get a data underrun from mplex at some point in the video.

    I'm relatively computer savvy (although new to video processing), but it seems to me that what I'm trying to do should be something I can do with the multitude of fine tools available on Linux, yet I have yet to get anything working.

    So I appeal to you, gentle reader, for advice on how to go about getting something to work. Thanks in advance.
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    I think I am trying to do something similar to your Item #1

    So far I have not been successful at all.

    A friend (with a Mac) has created a video. The file is *.m4v. I am trying to figure out how to burn this movie to a DVD so we can play it on a regular DVD player appliance.

    I downloaded and installed the DVDStyler you mentioned but it does not see my file. I think I need to convert it to MPG or AVI.

    I have been able to convert the file using MPlayer but I am loosing so much in the process that is looks more like a slide show than a movie (like the original) during playback.

    The following link (from another forum) listed what I have done so far.

    Here are the commands that I tried:
    mencoder Burn/Ghana.mp4 -oac lavc -ovc lavc -of mpeg -mpegopts format=dvd:tsaf -o Burn/test.mpg
    mencoder Burn/Ghana.mp4 -oac lavc -ovc lavc -of avi -mpegopts format=dvd:tsaf -o Burn/test.avi
    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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    rtvcc has been modified to work with Series 2 DT standalone TiVo. It may or may not work with other Series 2 models.

    It needs the output file from tivodecode and creates an mpeg with the CC data reorganized into DVD style CC data. From there, you can demux the mpeg and use your favorite DVD authoring tools to create a DVD with CC.

    After demux, I use Restream to reset the GOP timestamp to avoid audio sync problems. I've also found that DVDStyler doesn't turn on the CC flag after authoring, and it sets the incorrect resolution on the video. IFOedit can be used to fix this problem. Another free authoring tool, muxman, seems to be good at turning on the CC flag in the DVD and setting the correct video resolution.
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