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  1. first off, I'm new to this. Please keep that in mind.
    I have successfully ripped a vcd but am having trouble doing svcd's. I've downloaded my mpg and am trying to encode it through TPMGEnc but it comes out with a lot of big green and yellow blocks flashing on it when its played. Am I missing a step here? I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It didn't do this for the vcd I did, so what's different about the svcd? are my settings in the TPMGEnc wrong?
    Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated!
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  2. I have tried this also - VCD's play fine on my Toshiva SD-1250 player, but SVCD's do not.

    My guess is you don't have a SVCD-compatible player (quite a few don't play SVCD - check the DVD Players section of this site).

    I downloaded an MPEG off the net and tried to encode it to a SVCD but got all green and yellow blocks. I could hear the sound but the video was screwed.

    Your best bet then is to make an XVCD, which is a VCD with a higher video bitrate (up to 2500 rather than 1150 for example). This site has LOTS of info on doing that.

    Good luck!
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