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  1. The Apple MPEG2 codec which ships with DVD SP, is only to be used on a G4. I understand why, but how?
    Can it be hacked for use on a G3? And if installed does it also play MPEG2 in quicktime (on a G3)?
    Why isn't Apple shipping it with QT (pro)?

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  2. I think Apple is working on getting MPEG 2 into QT pro. The delay may be due to royalties. (Don't quote me on that, I think that may be the issue).
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  3. The MPEG 2 encoder is written to use Altivec to provide reasonable performance. They got the stuff from Astarte, so it originally worked on a G3. If you want to see it, get a hold of M.Pack. I haven't seen the quality from DSP, but I know M.Pack was only decent, not excellent.

    A hack would be beyond the scope of hacking and would become a major project.

    As for decoding, Apple relies on the DVD Player right now. DSP uses it for previews, and it can be used to play the output of DSP. I know all that works just fine on a G3.
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