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  1. I have two dvds that I would like to combine into one.
    One dvd is 3.7 gigs and the other is 4.1 gigs. How could I combined the two
    DVDs into one with DVD Shrink. Or should I use a different program to do so.
    I also have two dvd drives if that is any help for the process but I think only one is a DVD recorder but maybe both are.

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    If you want titles only (no menus) then you should be able to use re-author mode in DVDShrink and drag all titles you wish to keep into the reauthor window. You could then re-author your own menus in something like TMPGEnc DVD Author. However, a much easier one-click method that will retain everything is to use DVDRemake. It truly is as simple as loading both source DVDs as assets, and then going to Tools > Merge DVDs. This places a top menu with simple buttons to each DVD's Main Menu.
    If in doubt, Google it.
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