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  1. I am finding the Epson Print CD software very easy to use and wondered if the author of that made a dvd cover design software? I have tried cd/dvd cover print from North Cardinal software but do not find it as nice as Epson print cd and cannot get text and images to mix , again as well as they do on Epson print CD.

    My main problem is that images I have on my PC are a certain resolution and when "Blown up" to make then cover size they become blurry, is there a way to fix that or is the originating quality restrictive in making the jpg/bmp/gif bigger?

    I DO find using a screen capture from the mpeg quite good, any other ideas would be very gratefully received.
    PAL/NTSC problem solver.
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  2. victoriabears: Sometimes less is more. What I try to do as much as possible is find .gifs set against a white background or a transparent background and paste them onto the cover of the DVD cover I am designing. I think CD and DVD's are more exactly the same size unless you come across a mini CD or mini DVD. Epson Print CD can be used to design covers for your inkjet printable DVDs. If you want to have even fancier text than what you can get within the Epson Print CD Program, you can design something quite nifty in a photo editing program and paste that as a image into the project you are working on. I sometimes like to have my letters have a bevel to them so they look 3 dimensional.

    Irfanview which is a freeware image program, has a resizing fuction within it, to enlarge a picture or make it smaller. Due to most pictures being square or rectrangle in shape, it would seem pretty difficult to get one to wrap itself around the circular surface of a DVD. There is most likely a way of doing it however, and perhaps there is someone who will provide that information.

    I am not particularly artistic and there are people alot more knowledgable than I am that can figure out how to accomplish what you desire. It was good that you posted this topic, it is quite interesting. Perhaps some good quality clip art will help in your designs as well. I can't remember now if Espon Print CD accepts .gifs or not. If not you would have to convert the image to a .jpeg. Sometimes different fonts can add pizzaz to a project as well. There are tons of free fonts out on the internet. There are also different textures and such that you can use as fonts, such as denim or burlap.

    Remember don't be discouraged; there are some brilliant people at this forumn, who I am sure will be able to help you.
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