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    I hope this is the right thread but is it possible to use DVD Lab Pro to make menus with links that work when played in a pc?

    If so how?

    Thanks in advance.
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    The only apps that have done something like this are:
    DVDMaestro & SpruceUp (PC)
    DVDStudioPro (Mac)

    which use a "custom" flag in the MPEG user data field that stores the URL. However, they require the use of special software players that specifically support this kind of link.

    Additionally, you can go the "PCFriendly" route, using their player, which reads an HTML wrapper around the DVD (so, in essence, you may end up authoring twice--once in DVD language, once in HTML/Javascript language). The app used for authoring this is usually:
    Sonic's EDVD (PC)

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