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  1. Man i realy like this site. but there are a feww itty bitty things that bug me..

    well the forum is like perfect dont touch anytin

    but som of the tutorials are hard to either find or navagate.

    eg. the autostart tutorial.

    yea i know it was in the FAQ thing but it was damm hard to find lol

    another one is you guys dont say ANYTHING about videopack 4 cd image and how to work with it. you know wat im talking about *.RAW *.CPJ
    not a single definition not a single tutorial.

    jus lettin you guys know

    still you guys got som good stuff goin on here.
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  2. Hey great site!

    Shouldn't the Mulilangual Survey also be IN those other languages aswell? So they can at least read it, if they don't know English?? Just a thought...
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  3. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    I have added a search function so it should be bit easier to find everything...dont know how good the search tools is yet...havent have the time to test it complete yet.

    And I don't have any info about videopack .raw or .cpj formats...havent seen any info how to convert them or something...why not just burn them with videopack?
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  4. Well im not the only one with the problem

    its jus that Video pack doesnt Reconize my burner and i want to jus convert the baby to BUN QUE so other programs can work with it

    and yea there are drivers i can dl but i was wondering if theres another way so i can check the code and stuff.

    the reason im so into Videopack 4 Is because it creates menus like no other program. but the thing is it uses the .RAW wich is like UNknown to every other program cept
    WinonCD which is made by the same company.
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  5. heh heh i got my prob fix thanx to Vcd.

    if there were pic posts i would post a big ol grin rite here baby.

    But there is one lil tid bit i need

    is there a way to jus "list" the forum topics that you are involved in?
    instead of scrolling through looking for the little folders that say "me" on them?

    thanx again VCDhelp
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  6. the text in the forums is no longer able to be blocked & copied. any chance we'll go back to the old way, instead of the new version that scales to your screen? or any fix to support copy/paste functions in the new setup? (it actually can be copied sometimes, though you can't see it, and it's not 100%)

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  7. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Search Comp PM doesnt seem to work to copy in netscape only in ie..will fix that.

    timmy_boi: use the search function and search for your nickname(Author) and all your post will be listed.

    <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: Baldrick on 2001-07-25 06:00:56 ]</font>
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  8. oh (*smacks forhead*) ok i'll try that thanks man
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