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    I just joined the forum a few minutes ago. Sorry if I ask a question that has maybe answered before.

    I am in desperate need of adding a subtitle to a dvd (self made movie of a conference) and I really have to translate it into my native language. Translation is no problem, adding and synchronising the subtitle IS!

    I found in the past hour many tutorials on how to add a new subtitle to a dvd IF there is one already. BUT how to make one when nothing is there? What software to use? How to use them? I use Win XP SP2. Right now I'm trying several programs suggested by other users from this site, but it's kind of difficult to gather everything together...

    I'm far from being an expert in video editing (photo editing is my strong point) but I'm also not a newbie and I'm a quick learner (...I hope ).

    So, if you're willing, please give me a helping hand. Any hint is really apreciated!

    In the mean time I will search the posts in the forum and if I find the answer i will post again.

    Thanks all!
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    Add the video in for example dvd-lab pro or ulead dvd workshop and both type the subtitles and make the dvd subs direclty.

    Or use Subtitle Workshop, add the video in subtitle workshop and start make the subs. Export to some format that the dvd authoring tool support.
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    Subtitle Workshop is a great tool but there are others that are better suited for creating subtitles.

    I personally prefer VisualSubSync, you might also want to try Aegisub.
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