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  1. It seems that I have 3 of the same Philips model dvd recorder, that Philips does not suport anymore, so I cant send the units to them for repairs. Has anyone here found a good licensed Philips repair center anywhere that can do a good job fixing dvd recorders? I have only found some Philips tv places, but none for dvd recorders. The lasers have about given up, and they need to be replaced. Thanks in advance.
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  2. It's going to cost way more than it's worth to fix them. I picked up a Toshiba DVD recorder with HD for $38 on ebay a couple of weeks ago. It didn't have a remote, but my One For All 8910 works fine with it. No way you're going to get a recorder fixed for anywhere near that much.
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  3. I have no doubt Ill pay more. I have 3 Philips DVDR 80s, and those never sell for that low. I got each of mine for about $300+ each, and I expect repairs to be at least $150 each. I just need to find a reliable Philips DVDR repair center within the US preferably, but overseas if completely desperate.
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  4. Why do you want to repair something that doesn't last to begin with? After 3 recorders by the same manufacterer going bad, it's time to buy another brand.
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    Phillips has both bad quality and very bad customer service. It will probably cost you almost as much to get them fixed than to get new, and they probably will not last very long after they are fixed. I had a DVD Recorder fixed (which never worked well), and it never worked. I paid $850 in 2002 to get the recorder that lasted about 50 DVD records. If you look on the web, you will find many complaints about customer service and repair for Phillips. Save yourself time and money, and purchase a different brand.

    There is a topic in the DVD Recorders forum that discussed the life span of a DVD Recorder. If they last 2 years, you have probably beat the average for all brands. For some reason, the manufactures cannot make reliable DVD Recorders.
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  6. I must be one of he lucky ones then. Mine did about 1200 dvds each, and the quality that came out is just as good and clear as my tivo dvr system, which is why I would rather get mine fixed to live out another run before just being used for parts
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