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    I am looking for a DVD Recorder (without a HDD) that can play srt. Subtitles with Divx/Xvid AVI files...?
    My price range is 100 - 199.
    And also (if possible, but not important) HDMI ready.
    And of course, MP3 Support.

    That's it really...

    Any Recommendations? Thanks.
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  2. TRy going to the divx site and looking at the approved hardware . I think subtitle is part of the divx spec. I would go for a test drive with whatever you choose. Most, if not all, that support divx will also support mp3 as this is almost a std on home-brewed and internet avi files. Toshibas tend to have good picture quality. 199 will almost get you a HDD/DVD freeview a bit extra.. Do an extra paper round this Christmas.
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