From my understanding, the DVD burner on the Pioneer DVR-53x/63x must be repaired either by replacing the laser assembly from a compatible Pioneer drive or by removing the board containing the ROM chip and installing into a compatible Pioneer drive.

From the HD replacement thread, I have gathered that the only confirmed compatible DVD burner is the DVR-107 which is a close match to the DVR-107XA contained in the DVR-53x/63x.

In addition to either replacing the Laser assembly in the DVR-107XA or removing the ROM circuit from the original DVR-107XA and installing into a DVR-107, the additonal steps of reactivating the ID Number is required, which requires the Pioneer Data Disc and Service Remote as described in this thread:

I'm working on aquiring my third Pioneer DVR-531-H and know that the life of the DVD Drive is around 5000 hrs.

I will be adding more informatoin as I find it. Any insight/corrections/pictures/experiment results would be appreciated.